Monstera White Monster

Happy Monstera Monday!


Love to see it. I’m about to cut one of mine so it can look full variegated, it’s being a jerk lately.

I know! They can be moody sometimes lol

Happy Monstera Monday! Here’s our white monster :call_me_hand:t4:


I’m testing the reply to email post! Also agree, mine are currently being drama queens giving me a lot more green than I like.

looks like Wuu’s WM little bro!

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Any tips for white monster? I recently acquired one and I want to encourage that white white we all see on Kunzo’s IG.


Kunzo says neglect, zero fert and to take a knife to it as needed to “shock” it! Would love to see yours!

Thanks! I’m amazed to hear it can survive with low-to-no feeding given how little chlorophyll there is. Mine’s en route to me now but I’ll come back and share a photo when it’s mine :slight_smile: By “take a knife to it” do you mean notching or just chop-and-prop?

Here’s a quick snap of my new WM baby since you asked Eden :slight_smile: