How do you find rare specimens?

I love all things monstera. It’s how they mature and change, the fenestrations, the variety within the species, they’re just so amazing to me! I have ADHD, which means that I get super deep into hobbies, almost obsessive. For me, it means I’m super into learning everything and completing collections. You see where I’m going with this…

As a collector/hobbyist, what’s the best way to find a “most complete” list of the species and how do I find people who are selling them?

I Google all this stuff, but I don’t always know what’s “most accurate.”


Plants of the World Online

GBIF (though it looks like they get their data from POWO)

Once I have a list, where do I find them? I have the common ones and a handful of rares, but I want more! XD I’ve been able to get them through BST and PPUSA which is great! I feel like I’m ready to start looking at the next level and I don’t really know how to get there.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Look on fb and stalk eBay I got a monstera dissecta from eBay which is both my fastest growing plants and also a plant that I can’t find fs that often

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Thank you! I’ve been happy with what I’ve been able to find on Etsy and FB so far. I feel like there’s a deeper level that I’m missing out on. That’s the stuff I’m looking for.

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I know some people people in Peru and South America have some they are wholesalers mostly know I know someone who it’s lost of different types of monstera.

There’s a guy named Andrew (@plantdrew_ on IG) who is a big monstera collector and has all different kinds. He’s awesome to buy from! Hit him up for sure. He’s gotten me some of the most rare I types I have.

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