Dark Mode?

Hey folks,

Wondering if anyone else is having issues with Dark Mode? I’ve gone into Profile > Preferences > Interface > Color Scheme / Dark Mode and made what I thought were the appropriate adjustments but the forums are still showing up light.

It looks like the only Color Scheme option is ‘Light’ but I’ve also checked “Enable automatic dark mode color scheme” so am not sure which is correct. The landing page looks nice and dark but the forums are still showing up bright white. Attaching some photos just for reference:


Forums in Light Mode:

I know the site is super new so I totally understand that this just may not be implemented yet. Mostly checking because I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something!

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@MonsteraX yes we’ve disabled dark mode because of the style being custom build! Unfortunately because of the hard coded nature I don’t believe it’s possible to remove the option all together. That said, we’ll have future iterations and this is good feedback to have as I know a few others have attempted to use dark mode! Thanks for sharing. And sorry for the inconvenience.