Chemically induced Orchid blooms

So I have been doing some research on how to chemical (artificially) induce blooms in orchids which if u don’t know is done and I wanted to see if anyone had any info on it or tips on where to look?

So just to clarify I’m not asking how to get my orchids to bloom I’m asking in a theoretical sense as in orchids introduce a chemical into its system so that it will bloom. That’s how a bloom happens so I want to know/am trying to learn what chemical that is and the process that the plant does when it blooms. Though thanks to everyone commenting tips on how to get orchids to bloom and I hope this makes my question clearer.

Ok so one more clarification I know it’s a lot but I posted this in other places and people are still a little confused so I’m going over it again. So basically a plant doesn’t just randomly blooms it blooms when the plant produces a chemical (or in other words trigger) this trigger goes throughout the plant and basically tells it to bloom. I’m trying to learn what the chemical is/compound, where can I get it/how can I make it, and if there is a way to introduce the trigger into the plant artificially.

If anyone want me to clarify more I can I just wanted to make it clear that I’m not looking for tricks to get orchids to bloom this is a more Scientific/theoretical idea that I’m talking about.