Article: What is a Alocasia Black Velvet Variegata

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Cool post.

Edit: I had thought that The 4k priced one was a bit misleading however I have been corrected. The market is exploding for them. Demand is insane.

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Appreciate the feedback, Sean! And thank you for your input, we need more Alocasia thoughtfulness here and I look forward to more of your contributions.

I’m pulling data from eBay and various Facebook groups. I’ll hopefully have more specific data from Liana soon for a write up just on this topic.

It appears there are examples that have gone for more than what has been normal market value but I will have more precise info later on. Yesterday, I purchased a pink variegated one from her for just shy of $3,000 edging out a few other bids in that category (via her instagram live auction).

Wow. I stand totally corrected then. The market has exploded on them!

Is the pink variegation stable or does it fade to white? The ones I recall seeing before winter were white I believe.

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Couldn’t tell you! But I believe so because there’s a distinction between “pink variegated” and “albo” since there are albo colored ones available.