Any good NE get-away reccos for mid-april?

Starting to plan a quick trip with the girlfriend and pups. We’re trying to keep it driving distance from NYC. Major pros would be as opposite as NYC as it gets space, nature and I won’t complain if there is an awesome plant shop or greenhouse to checkout along the way. Appreciate anyone’s imput.

You could probably find some cool nature spots in West Virginia. That’s probably like 4 ish hours away. You might have to bring your own food though.

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Wintergreen resort in WVA! Stop by DC on the way. Lots of nurseries.


And see Becky & I on the way :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

100% I see a wizards game in the future (okay maybe that’s not as exciting) :sweat_smile:

Appreciate these reccos, going to spend the weekend watching batman and exploring the ideas and others to book a getaway!

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Go to Essex Connecticut it’s not that far away only an hour drive from logees on the Connecticut river and has some super interesting museums in or not so far by the town

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