"Albo seeds"

I recently had a conversation with someone online about “albo seeds.” I know there are a lot of very knowledgeable people here, so I’m hoping to kind of settle it “once and for all” for me.

For the sake of clarity, an “albo seed” is a seed that came from an albo flower (paternity unknown).

If an albo flowers and you pollinate it, is there an increased chance of getting an albo from those seeds?

I said that they have about the same chance of any monstera seed, so it’s not worth seeking out a seed from an albo flower.

They said that seeds from albo flowers have an increased chance. Their example was a grower in Indonesia who got 3 albos from the batch of albo seeds.

I realize that the way I initially phrased it may not have been the most accurate, but it sounds like we’re saying the same thing. An albo seed doesn’t reliably produce an albo plant. I’m still curious if an albo flower has an increased chance.